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White Gas Coming out of AC – Hyundai Tucson [How to Fix]

White Gas from AC Hyundai Tucson

Have you bought a new Hyundai Tucson? And having a long drive in summer but still getting fog while driving? Worried about the smoke? If yes! Don’t panic. It is not a significant mess, and you can fix it in no time. In this article, you’ll find major reasons for white gas coming out of your car ac vents. Along with this, here are some precautions to get a better way out.

Why Does It Happen?

Are you worried about the reason? Let me tell you. It occurs when cold air comes in contact with warm air over the air conditioner outlet. As the temperature of outside air gets below the saturation point, water vapors condense, emitting a white gas or fog. Another reason is the excess water stored in the heater box. The drain hole becomes restricted and needs to be cleaned. Pump the water out, and the issue will be resolved.

Fan working at low speed and air-filter being dirty can boost this situation. Dirty air filters, especially in humid weather, cause a layer of water vapors and dirt particles on the surface, resulting in mist formation. It causes an imbalance between cold and moist air exposure and reduces airflow. Humidity factor and fog are directly proportional to each other. The greater the level of humidity, the higher the concentration of fog.

White Exhaust Smoke Detection

White Exhaust Smoke Detection Hyundai Tucson

It’s quite easy to know about the health of your Hyundai Tucson’s engine and emission system, just by the color of the exhaust coming out of it. Rising white smoke indicates a few things, but you don’t need to be concerned. However, it will signify a few issues. You have to consider smoke thickness to find out the main issue. Moreover, keep air filters clean, run AC at high speed to cool indoors faster, and schedule AC inspection every month.

Thin Smoke

If steam is odorless, it is possibly a condensation or humidity, and you are safe. Mechanical corrosion or something could be a reason if it smells like burnt wire. In a cold environment, thin smoke is expected until the temperature warms up. Thin smoke is like vapors and disappears quickly. It is the result of normal condensation in the exhaust system. But if it’s too cold outside, thin smoke is permanent. 

Thick White Smoke

Thick White Smoke Hyundai Tucson How to Fix

A crack in the cylindrical head, engine block, or head gasket is the main reason for thick white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Constant overheating of engines due to low coolant levels and temperature fluctuations are the causing factors. If you don’t ignore thick white “pillowy” smoke, you’ll not have to face severe consequences. If you feel something unfit, take your car to a mechanic. White smoke can indicate the following problems:

1.    Engine Overheating

Engine Overheating Hyundai Tucson Problem How to Fix

There are several causes of overheating. White smoke can be a sign of engine overheating. Something wrong in the cooling system can block heat from escaping through the engine compartment. Check your car’s temperature gauge. If you don’t have one, there will be an alarming light. If the engine is overheated, immediately shut it before any malady. Driving a car with such an issue can cause permanent damage to the engine. It can crack and blow the head gasket in no time.

2.    Blown Head Gasket

Blown Head Gasket Hyundai Tucson

A blown head gasket appears when the seal between the cylinder head and engine block fails. The main reason is an overheated engine. When this happens, the engine emits thick white smoke. The most common symptom of a blown head gasket is white smoke. You can also observe a blown head gasket in Hyundai Tucson through some other alarming symptoms. These includes:

  • Loss of engine coolant.
  • Radiator having the bubbles.
  • “Milky” oil (buttery look).
  • Choppy and rough idle.
  • Engine power loss. 

These issues are responsible for white smoke and the rough performance of the engine. When engine coolant leaks into the oil system, the oil loses its ability to lubricate the engine. Eventually, the engine seizes. Hence, it’s not good to ignore a blown head gasket. In fact, in some cases of blown head gasket, there is no heat and no white smoke; check engine light in such situations.

3.    Cracked Head

The cracked cylindrical head is a result of thermal stress when the engine gets too hot. This problem usually stems from engine overheating. In extreme situations, it can result in terminal damage to the entire engine. There are some symptoms for both blown head gasket and cracked head.

  • Check oil if it has a milky or bubbly look.
  • A sort of comparison test is allowed to check the weather ahead.

Steps To Follow In Case Of Excessive White Gas Discharge

Excessive White Gas Discharge Hyundai Tucson

Suppose you find continuous white gas discharge from your AC vents. Then look forward to the following steps:

  • Look over the gasket intake. It will ultimately deliver combustion mixture to every corner of the intake port, which the cylindrical head poses.
  • Further, examine the head gasket.
  • Notice any crack on the cylindrical head.

Is My Car’s AC Leaking Water?

Condensation can lead to its maximum potential, and there’ll be excess water around AC system pipes. And if water gets too much, dripping starts. You have to find out, is leaking water normal? Or is there an issue? In humid weather, a small water patch is normal. Clogged evaporator drain, damaged seals, and corroded evaporator core are the main reasons for water leakage in AC vents.


White gas coming out of the AC vents is a head-on problem in most cars, particularly in summers and humid environments. There are various reasons for this, including condensation process, fan poor working, and dirty air filters. You can detect any situation just by observing the type of smoke coming out of the vents. Thick white smoke indicates further issues like engine overheating, blown head gasket, and cracked head. If there is anything that you would like to add, do so in the comment section below.

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